Online BlackJack and Roulette

Online BlackJack and Roulette

On this page we will explain how to play online blackjack in a casino. The card game blackjack is also known in the Netherlands as twenty one. The goal in this card game is therefore to approach 21 and beat the dealer with a higher point total. The opportunities can be influenced by applying a basic strategy. A basic blackjack strategy can be found quickly on the internet. It will be indicated when you should pass or when it is best to take a card. The dealer card is also examined. You will have to make a decision based on the exposed card.

How does online blackjack work?

Online blackjack works a little differently than playing in a physical casino. It is important that you first find a reliable online casino where your blackjack game is available. Even more ideal if it has several blackjack variants to offer. Open a blackjack table of your choice and place chips on the betting areas. With the mouse you can drag and select the chips. Now, not a dealer will hand out the cards, but the software will do this automatically. You can choose from various options: split, double and insure. Do you want an extra card? Click hit. Don’t want a card anymore? Click on stand.

Which types of blackjack are available?

On the internet you can choose from a huge number of  online roulette and blackjack types. Players can choose variants where the dealer has two cards face up. This is also known as double exposure blackjack. Then you have the single deck blackjack, which is played with one card game. Everyone can also choose to play on their desktop or from a mobile device. Online casinos have offered every blackjack game for free. Do you want to play with a live dealer in the live casino? Then an account is required and you can play live blackjack.

Play a hand in blackjack

You have placed chips and are dealt two cards. The dealer also receives two cards and will often have one face up and one face up. You can choose to take or pass a card. If you have a point total of 9, 10 or 11, it is possible to double the bet. Some blackjack variants even allow you to double the bet with every point total. One rule that applies is that you are dealt only one card after doubling the bet. Then you can still choose to split with two cards of the same rank. An additional bet is required for this and the hand is split into two hands. Another great option in online blackjack is to insure hands. If the dealer has an Ace face up, the player can take back half of the bet and protect himself from loss.

Play blackjack for free

Do you want to play online blackjack for free? We have put together the most reliable blackjack casinos in the Netherlands. You can gamble for hours for free and for free. Take on the dealer of the casino and try to get a better point total (but stay well below 21). Moreover, it is even possible to register yourself as a new player and sometimes take advantage of a  no deposit casino bonus . This way you can win real money amounts for free.

Online roulette

Are you a big fan of roulette and would you like to try it out online? We have selected the best online casinos for you. You can immediately take advantage of an attractive roulette  casino bonus on top of your first deposit or even benefit from a no deposit bonus. Free roulette testing is also possible and you do not need to perform a download. The software and technology is now so advanced that it is also possible to play roulette on mobile. And then you have the exciting live casino that has created an authentic atmosphere to give players an immersive experience. On this page you will find out how online roulette works and where you can best play.

How does online roulette work?

Online roulette will use the same playing field as in a casino on the mainland. Now it is displayed digitally and the ball will automatically be thrown into the wheel via software. An RNG software provides random outcomes, determined by algorithms and mathematics, that constantly spew out numbers. As a result, players are assured of fair play and no one has any influence on the odds of winning. However, players can try a roulette strategy to reduce the house edge in this table game.

Players are given the option to place a bet on 1 to 36 numbers and a 0 or 00. European and French Roulette offer a single zero and American roulette offers a double zero. The double zero provides a huge house edge of 5.26%. We do not recommend that you ever play this roulette variant when it comes to making money in a casino online . Do you play for fun? Go ahead! But if you are going to gamble with real money on roulette tables, the European and French versions are recommended.

Which roulette types are available?

As mentioned above you have European roulette, French roulette and American roulette. But there are many more roulette types available online. In the live casino you can choose from more than 30 live roulette variations. Variants where the camera zooms in on the ball in the wheel, lightning strikes hitting numbers or a double ball in the wheel for higher payouts make it so interesting to play roulette on the internet. Below are some popular roulette types:

  • European roulette
  • French roulette
  • Immersive live roulette
  • Lightning roulette
  • Double Ball roulette

Single zero roulette

In online casinos you have the choice of single zero or double zero roulette (American roulette). While you often have to deal with a double zero in physical casinos, you will get more advantage at an online roulette casino. When the house edge is lower, you will lose less money in the long run and the chances of winning are also greater.

Double zero roulette

American roulette originated in America, hence the name. This was when the casinos wanted to make more money on players. In America they then added an extra zero and increased the house edge. When you can choose from European roulette or American roulette, always choose the European variant.

Play a round in roulette

Select chips at the bottom of your screen and put it on a number of your choice. You can also bet on multiple numbers at the same time. After you have decided in which areas you want to place bets, click on ‘spin’. The ball is thrown into the wheel by the software and will eventually come to a stop. You can also opt for fast rounds where you do not have to see the ball and immediately know the result. Then the outcome is compared to the player’s bet and it is paid according to the level of difficulty. A difficult bet pays out more than an easy bet such as red / black (single odds). 35: 1 is the highest payout for a single number bet.