No Download Casino

No Download Casino

Instant play casino software is also known as no download casino software, because you do not have to download any software on to your desktop computers. You access the software on the server of the online casino from its web site. You select the game that you want to play and it will open in the browser of your computer. You play the game entirely in the browser without any addition of data or files to your hard disk. No download casino software was developed to overcome certain disadvantages in the download casino software.

This section explains how to use no download casino software. It also outlines the developments in this online casino platform that have made it the dominant mode of desktop gaming. The section also highlights the advantages and disadvantages of no download software so that you can make a considered choice based on your specific requirements.


In order to wager with real money you will need to register at the online casino, open a real money account and make a deposit. It is a good idea to bookmark the online casino web site in your favorites for easy access. When you want to wager, you go to the online casino web site and log in. Most of our recommended Dutch online casinos have a search engine for you to locate the game that you want to play. You can also select the game category and scroll down the page to find your game.

You can keep switching games as you desire. When you have finished the session you should log off as a matter of abundant precaution even if only you have access to the desktop. Some, but not all, no download casinos allow you to play for free without signing up.


The first no download casinos were developed on Flash technology that had been developed by Adobe to handle non-text content. Therefore these online casinos were also called Flash casinos. You needed to download the Adobe Flash Player, which was not a problem since it was free and it would be required for some other applications as well. Flash technology allowed for the processing of visual, audio and textual information at high speeds within the browsers of the computers. This was instrumental in developing online casino games, especially video slots, which could be played in the browsers.

In the early years of Flash no download online casinos the quality of games was not as good as that available at download casinos. Players experienced jerking, freezing and buffering, especially at low Internet speeds. Online casino software providers had to downgrade the quality of graphics, animation and audio to get satisfactory performance. However, all these issues were taken care of when no download software migrated to HTML5.


Around 2009, HTML5 technology was developed for mobile gaming, that was growing by leaps and bounds. New technology was essential since mobile devices cannot use Flash. But HTML5 works for desktop computers and offered certain advantages as compared to Flash. So no download casino software began to move to HTML5 from Flash. The key concept was that HTML5 could execute all the functions that Flash could without using external plug-ins like Adobe Flash Player.

A simple explanation of this advantage is given here for the more curious Dutch online casino player. Obviously, this knowledge is not essential for playing at online casinos. In Flash no download casino games the software has to keep oscillating between the native coding environment and the Adobe plug-in. This creates perceptible time delays. In HTML5 everything is at one place. As a result the game play is smoother, the games can have enriched graphics and audio content and the animations are perfectly fluid. HTML5 has brought live dealer games to the no download platform.

There are some secondary advantages of HTML5 technology. It is a cross-platform medium that works for desktops and mobile devices. Therefore software developers can create only one game for both platforms. There is no rewriting of code required for mobile games. This reduces the cost of developing games and ultimately the player benefits. Flash is totally owned by Adobe. On the other hand HTML5 functions under the oversight of W3C, which is an MIT based consortium involving corporations like Google, IBM and Microsoft. There has been a lot invested in HTML5 and it will endure for the foreseeable future.


  • No download casino software is compatible with all operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. It overcomes the major drawback of download casino software that is compatible only with Windows.
  • No download software plays the casino games only in the browser of the computers without using any hard disk storage. So you can play on any number of online casinos without affecting your computer performance.
  • The initial download of casino games can take considerable time, especially when the games portfolios have become so large. You do not have to waste time on this process in no download software.
  • Now that most no download online casinos have shifted to HTML5, the earlier quality advantage of download casinos is no longer an issue.


  • Since download casinos were launched quite a few years before no download casinos, the latter have smaller games portfolios. Many of the older games in the download software are not available at no download casinos.
  • No download casinos require faster Internet speeds because there is far more transfer of data between your computer and the online casino server. If, for whatever reason, you do not get the required speeds, the performance will suffer.
  • If your no download casino is still on Flash, you may have to downgrade the quality of the graphics in order to get smooth game play.