Casino Bonus Codes

Casino Bonus Codes

Casino bonus codes are the promotional codes given out by casinos in order to attract new customers or to keep the old customers coming back for more.

The casino bonus codes are given out by the casinos in various forms like the welcome bonus, festive bonus, new launch bonus and some loyalty bonuses. The welcome bonus codes are usually mentioned on the home page and are the first thing a visitor can see on the casino website.

The welcome bonuses are generally some no deposit free spins or free cash or a match up deposit bonus. The codes can be copied and pasted on the bonus code column while registering or making the first deposit. After the account is verified the bonus is automatically transferred to your account and can be used as per the rules. Bonuses offered during festivals such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, St Patrick’s Day, Halloween and so on are referred to as festive bonuses.  These bonuses are usually game specific and the bonus codes can be applied to the game while playing it. They can be free cash or spins depending on the offer.

The new launch bonus is usually given out when a casino is launched or when a new game is launched on the casino website. So to attract players, these casinos give bonus codes for a specific game. People try such games and remain hooked if they loved the trial. The casino bonus codes can be given for two types of bonuses namely no deposit bonus and deposit bonus. In the deposit bonus, a punter has to deposit some amount of money to their account in order to get a match up bonus or some free spins. These bonuses are the most common type of bonus available. The codes are available usually in the promotions section of the casino website.

No Deposit casino Bonus Codes

The casino bonus codes are two types, one is the no deposit casino bonus codes and the other is the deposit casino bonus code. The no deposit casino bonus code is the promotional code given for the no deposit casino bonus. The no deposit casino bonus is when the casino gives out free spins or free cash to the punters without making any deposits. The no deposit casino codes are generally given as the welcome bonus or a special occasion bonus or the loyalty bonus.

The free spins bonus is when you get a certain number of free spins from the casino to use on the slots. The free spins can only be used on the slots that too on the ones that have been specified by the casino itself. Sometimes when a new game is launched by the developers, they give out such bonus codes to the players so that they try out their new games. Many casinos and game developers tie up with many websites and blogs that are famous for posting the casino related stuff to promote their games. The sites are given special bonus codes that they can share with the visitors.

The free deposit casino bonus codes can be easily redeemed on the casino website. The accounts section of the casino website is where all the information can be found regarding cashing out of the bonus code and the cashing out also takes place there itself. The no deposit bonus codes are given in the form of free cash as well. The free cash can be used on many slots as well as the table games to wager. It is important to note that the free cash cannot be withdrawn and the free spins cannot be converted into any kind of cash. There are certain terms and conditions with every casino, so it is better to check beforehand.

Bonus Codes no Deposit

The bonus codes that are used for the no deposit bonuses are the bonus codes no deposit. The no deposit bonuses are of the following types:

  • Free Credits – Every casino has its own points or credits that can later be converted into cash and be used to wager. Each casino has a different value for its credits. Every Time you play a game or make a payment, a certain amount of points are given to you and are added to your account. When they get collected to a certain number, they can be redeemed for casino cash, which can later be used to wager. The free credits bonus codes are usually sent by emails or are given under special offers.
  • Free Spins – The free spins bonus codes are usually given as a welcome bonus and are game specific. These can only be used for the slot games and have specific time restrictions. Sometimes, the software developers also give out the free spins bonuses on their specific slots. The codes can be found on the casino website promotions section or the promotion section of the developer’s website.
  • Free Cash – Free cash bonus is another promotional strategy undertaken by the casinos to promote themselves. The free cash bonus codes are given by the casinos as well as the software developers. The good thing about free cash is that it can be easily used even on the table games. You can not withdraw the cash that you get through the free cash bonus codes. All you can do is to use it as the wagering amount on different games.

All these bonus codes are easily available at either the casino sites or the sites that have a tie-up with the casinos to promote their games and services.