Jackpot Slots Guide 2022

Jackpot Slots Guide 2022

Jackpot is a win that is hundreds of thousands of times the stake.

The term “jackpot” appeared among poker players in the first half of the 1980s. An interesting fact is that the word “jackpot” has English roots, the first part of which means “jack” in English “jack”, and the second part of “pot” means “bank”.

The Winning Fund is made up of a percentage of the bets, ie the jackpot is a percentage of the winnings that the casino owners or the organizers of the games of chance achieve. As a rule, only a small percentage of the profit covers the average and small profits of the participants as well as various bonuses and “consolation prizes”.

The highest jackpot in the casino was won in the PowerBall lottery in 2016. It reached USD 1.586 billion.

Jackpot types

To date, there are several main types of jackpot:

  • Fixed jackpot – the amount of the winnings is clearly defined. Its size remains unchanged. The most important condition is the fulfillment of certain conditions.
  • Progressive (or cumulative) jackpot – winnings are made based on bets or interest on ticket sales.
  • Secret jackpot – the parties have no information about the call to the fund. The winner will be chosen randomly when the indicator reaches the set amount.
  • Entry jackpot is played randomly; at the end of the game of chance, it is given to a person under a certain number.
  • There is no guaranteed way to get the jackpot, but there are a few basic tips that can increase your chances of winning the jackpot:
  • careful study of the rules, pay particular attention to the betting data on the main prize; choose the maximum jackpot;
  • Choice of classic three-reel slot machines, this advice is most often given by experienced players in many forums;
  • Optimizing losses – it is very important to calculate the budget correctly;
  • Possibility to stop in time – if you pull the jackpot you shouldn’t immediately try to get another.

Advantages of playing jackpot slots online

First, virtual casinos often have much higher payouts than land-based casinos. The biggest jackpot in the history of online casinos was $ 8 million. It was won by a simple craftsman who received more than 6 million euros in cash from the Intercasino.

According to statistics, the easiest way to win a big jackpot with an online virtual slot machine. If the real casino is a winning combination on the last line, it is much easier to win using the video slot. It is sufficient to combine the combination on any line or to participate in the bonus game.

As a rule, jackpot winnings of several thousand dollars can be observed every week. As for the price of more than $ 1 million, the likelihood that it will be won is very low. However, the prize pool with the astronomical amount already attracts many players. As a rule, these are progressive jackpots, the amount of which increases with each bet.

Best jackpot slots

In 2019, depending on the type of jackpot accumulation, there are several types of virtual slot machines:

separate slot machines – pricing within a machine that is not connected to others via the Internet. Depending on the bets, winnings grow steadily, but the astronomical numbers are not reached;

  • Own slot machines – the creation of a jackpot by multiple networked slot machines within a single casino. The likelihood of receiving such a prize is very high;
  • Network slot machines – the winning amount is accumulated through several slots with the software of one manufacturer. Jackpot slot machines can belong to several competing casinos, but they all add interest costs to the total. Such a price is as high as possible, but the probability of winning is also the lowest.
  • Interesting facts about jackpots in card games
  • Video poker – has the highest percentage of return on investment (theoretically it reaches 100% in some situations). There is a possibility to mathematically calculate the probability that, if not the main prize, you will win at least the amount that covers all expenses. The rules of the game often require high investments and payments are made after a certain number of bets. The frequency of the win is quite high, but the amount rarely exceeds the $ 10 thousand mark;
  • Caribbean poker – hitting the jackpot can be subject to certain conditions. The user has to place an additional bet (usually $ 1). A combination of royal flash should also fall out (5 cards in a row, one color, from 10 to ace). In the case of a street flash (5 cards in a row in one color, from low to high) you get 10% of the winnings. Here the jackpot is much higher than the classic version (more than $ 100,000);
  • Progressive Blackjack – is a classic card game. A winning combination (4 aces of the same suit) and an additional bet of one dollar are also required. Even if you get part of the combination, the gambler gets a fixed prize. If an ace is lost, the participant can return the bet made ($ 1)